When we make a top, we do not use a chopper gun. We hand build - layer by layer - each top that goes onto a GTRV. The quality of our tops speak for themselves. They are undisputedly the finest in the industry. Best of all, our (full-size) tops only add 3/4 inch height to the overall height of the roof - our competitors can't say the same. Due to it maintaining virtually the exact same roof line as a non-converted van, it's garagble, more fuel efficient, and quieter due to it's reduced wind resistance. We also have the lightest top in the industry adding about 150 pounds.
We offer two pop-top options, both of which provide ample head room when the top is popped. The pop-top bunk, which comes standard in both models, will comfortably accommodate two children and is strong enough to safely accommodate adults. When the bunk is not in use, the bunk base appends upward, providing plenty of head room to move freely around the vans interior space.
Our most popular and economical top option. The V-Top extends the most upward near the vans side doors, giving ample headroom, nearly 7 feet on some models, where it's needed most.