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Full Size & Mini Van Pop-Top & class B
rv / Motor home conversions!  4x4 Available! 
The Ford E-Series van is our most popular chassis. The 150 is an economical choice, while the 250/350 are heavier duty, provide more carrying/towing ability, and are the preferred 4x4 chassis.  We also convert Sprinters and Chevy/GM full-size vans ...
Full Size & 4X4
We convert a full range of mini-vans. The Toyota Sienna is our most popular mini-van chassis, but we also convert Dodge and GM mini-vans. The Chevy Astro/Safari van is a popular choice for customers seeking to convert a pre-owned mid-sized van with the added benefit of AWD ...
Mini-Vans & Mid-Sized Vans
Our most popular and economical top option.  The V-Top extends the most upward near the vans' side doors, giving ample headroom, nearly 7 feet on full-size van models, where it's needed most. ...
V-Top pop-top
Extends the generous pop-top headroom all the way to the rear of the van, allowing easy passage from front to rear.  Both top options have an upper bunk that moves out of the way when not in use. ...
T-Top pop-top
We offer several standard plans.  The Westy and the Weekender are the most popular.
  • Westy - The Westy is the ultimate multi-use vehicle.  It's a garageable daily-driver with the added benefit of being an always-ready-to-go class B RV that sleeps 4.  It's most commonly converted on the Ford E-Series, but available on any chassis.
  • Weekender - If you prefer a unit with less equipment, our pop-top Weekender with 4 captains chairs, a pull out bench-bed in the back and a bunk in the top, will have you traveling and sleeping in comfort.

More info on Standard and Custom plans here ...
The Westy
We can help you design a van that meets your individual needs preciously.  Custom floor plans carry the same GTRV quality standards and the same warranty as our regular production units for the same 3 years.
  • Handicapped
  • Business Use
Mobile Offices
Contractors / Workshops
Marketing / Promotional
Special Events
  • Haulers
  • 4x4, adventure and overlanding 

We work closely with you during the design process to design a van that meets your needs preciously.  
Standard, custom or special needs - let us know how we may help you. ...